Canyonlands National Park – Island in the Sky

There’s something about Utah, migraines, and myself. The first time we went to Capitol Reef National Park, UT, in 2014, Lizzie got a migraine and we spent 3 hours driving around in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere that sold Excedrin. Finally found it at a gas station that was built into the side of a rock. Not kidding.

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Arches National Park – Landscape Arch

The first time I visited Arches National Park, my friend Lizzie and I had just hiked to Landscape Arch. A large family was trying to get pictures in front of the arch – there were grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. They’d take one picture and then the photographer would pass the camera off to someone else so he or she could be in the picture and then the camera would be passed off again. (I have a very large extended family and we have fun getting together, but we don’t get to do it as often as we’d like;  when I see a multi generational family traveling the country together it is heartwarming.) So I offered to take  the picture so everyone could be in it. To my surprise, the response I got was rapid fire Italian. The look on Lizzie and I’s faces were priceless.

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