365 Mile Challenge – Completed!

Near the end of 2017, I learned about the organization Hike Like a Woman (HLAW) and their 365 Mile Challenge. The idea is to log 365 human powered miles in one year. Walking, running, hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, swimming, bicycling, anything self-propelled counts. There’s a private Facebook group for community support, monthly giveaways, and newsletters for added motivation. It costs $25 to join the challenge (when registration first opened in November it was discounted, so I only paid $15 to sign up).

Shawn and Niko

My goal for this challenge is to walk our dog, Niko, 365 miles this year. I would like to walk him more than that, but I’m using 365 miles as a starting point as it is a lot more than I walked him last year. I want to get in the habit of walking him everyday, no matter the weather. As of January 12th, I’ve missed 2 days due to being out of town and we have logged over 18 miles.


If you would like to join the 365 Mile Challenge, you can sign up here.

End of January Update:

Niko and I walked 53.9 miles in January! Total mileage 53.9 miles!

January Zero Mile Days: 2! Total Zero Mile Days: 2!


End of February Update:

Niko and I walked 117 miles in February! Total Miles 170.9 miles!

February Zero Mile Days: 0! Total Zero Mile Days: 2!

*moving closer to my work has its benefits i.e. longer walks at lunch, occasional walk before work, and a nicer area to walk  🙂



End of March Update:

Niko and I walked 111.9 miles in March! Total Miles: 282.8!

March Zero Mile Days: 1! Total Zero Mile Days: 3!


Pictures were taken within the same week – Welcome to Indiana in March!


End of April Update:

Niko and I walked 89.9 miles in April! Total Miles: 372.7!

April Zero Days: 1! Total Zero Mile Days: 4!

*we surpassed our 365 Mile goal the last week of April! We are now aiming for a double: 730 Miles!


we love green grass!
the wildflowers are finally blooming!





As of May 5th, Shawn and I are no longer together, so all future challenge miles will be without Niko.




End of May Update

I walked/biked 74.2 miles in May! Total Miles: 446.9!

May Zero Days: 5! Total Zero Days: 9!


End of June Update:

I walked/biked 93.4 miles in June! Total Miles: 540.3!

June Zero Days: 4! Total Zero Days: 13!


gf ride
rode 15 miles for the Girlfriend Ride



End of July Update:

I walked/biked 130.4 miles in July! Total Miles: 670.7!

July Zero Days: 2! Total Zero Days: 15!

first trip to Michigan!
first backpacking trip!


End of August Update:

I walked/biked 61.7 miles in August! Total Miles: 732.4!

August Zero Days: 8! Total Zero Days: 23!

I surpassed my goal of double miles (730 miles in one year)! On to triple miles!




End of September Update:

I walked/biked 109.3 miles in September! Total Miles: 841.7!

September Zero Days: 4! Total Zero Days: 27!



End of October Update:

I walked/biked 112.6 miles in October! Total Miles: 954.3!

October Zero Days: 0! Total Zero Days: 27!



End of November update:

I walked/biked 91.8 miles in November! Total Miles: 1,046.1!

November Zero Days: 8! Total Zero Days: 35!



I did the first part of this challenge only counting the miles that I did with Niko – because walking him was the point of signing up for it in the first place. However, I kept track of the miles I did without him – 40.7. I have decided to add those back into my grand total. With that addition plus 8.3 miles so far in December brings my grand total mileage for 2018 to 1095.1 miles, thereby tripling my original goal of 365 miles. While I enjoyed doing the #365MileChallenge this year and it definitely gave me motivation to get outside and exercise post breakup I will not be counting a single one of my miles next year!