Charlestown State Park

Third time is the charm. I tried to visit this state park twice before I actually made it there, [Saturday], with my dad. Both previous attempts to visit this state park ended with me sobbing. In my truck. Going nowhere. Never believe that someone who makes you feel guilty for being who you are loves you. if someone truly loves you, they will be your biggest supporter. If someone truly loves you they will ENCOURAGE you to do those things that make you happy. It’s perfectly okay to not enjoy all of the same activities as your partner. It is NOT okay to make you partner feel guilty for doing something that makes them happy and is healthy. I think it is very fitting that this hike is my third Reflection Hike for my #52HikeChallenge Adventure Series. So much has changed since that first Reflection hike 10 months ago. And for that I am grateful!

I posted the above on my Instagram (@offtoseetheview) on Saturday about my dad and I’s adventure to Charlestown State Park as a testament to how much has changed in my life this year and with the hope that maybe my words and experiences will help someone else.



Charlestown State Park is in southern Indiana. So far south that it is Kentucky that you can see across the Ohio River.


My dad and I had a nice leisurely drive down to the park, stopping to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel along the way. The further south we went, the more the leaves were changing color. It would be a couple more days before we would start to see the leaves change back home.

Pulling into the park, I had to stop and show my season pass to the park employee at the entrance station and get a map. He loved the stickers on Addie from all the places she has been and he happily told me that the camp store in the park sold Charlestown State Park stickers (not all Indiana state parks do). The sticker dwarfs some of my National Park stickers in size, which I find amusing.

Dad and I hiked trail 6. It is a loop hike with views of the Ohio River from up on a bluff and then down at near river level. I really enjoyed the hike. There were even a couple waterfalls! The scenery is definitely more diverse than the rolling hills of central Indiana.
















there are a few Ranney Collector Wells along the Ohio River in the park remaining from it’s past life as an army ammunition plant


Charlestown State Park quickly became one of my favorite state parks in Indiana. I’m looking forward to going back to hike the rest of the trails.