Wind Cave NP: Rankin Ridge Trail

Rankin Ridge Trail is a short one mile loop that leads to the highest point in Wind Cave National Park. It was my favorite short hike of my 2018 Aug/Sept solo road-trip! I hiked the trail as the sun was coming up.



I was a bit behind schedule so I didn’t catch the first part of the sunrise, but I booked it up the trail in order to catch at least part of it. It is one of my favorite trails because of the terrain and the views.



I love signs like this that show you can see in the distance (on a clear day)


The fire tower is closed to visitors, but the view from the base of it is spectacular.


I was the only one on the trail that early in the morning. It was so peaceful. Sunrise is one of my favorite times of the day.


I highly recommend hiking Rankin Ridge Trail when visiting Wind Cave National Park!