Devils Tower NM: Tower Trail

If you plan to visit Devil’s Tower National Monument, I highly recommend attending one of the Ranger Led walks along the Tower Trail. Park Ranger Dennis led the walk I went on and he did a great job bringing the history of the park alive. He also knew more stories about the Tower that aren’t found in the park reading materials. Our walk started out with 5 of us and ended with over 20. Every time we made a stop so Ranger Dennis could tell us something, we picked up more people.

The Tower Trail is 1.3 miles. It is paved, but there are rolling hills. If you walk the trail counter clockwise you will walk down the one steep hill vs walking up it.

going above the bolder field requires a climbing permit
view looking south from the tower


there is only one place where non climbers can touch the tower, it’s also a great spot to get a fake “I climbed Devils Tower” picture – while it appears than I’m quite a ways up, I was maybe 3 feet off the ground – my mother was not pleased with me when she saw this photo ha ha