Yellowstone NP: Grand Canyon North Rim

Sunrise is a great time to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! In the 2 hours that I was hiking, driving, scenic viewing the North Rim, I saw maybe 20 people. It was awesome! The sunrise lit up the canyon walls beautifully. Definitely one of my favorite sunrises of all time.

Something I learned while hiking the switchbacks up from the Brink of the Lower Falls was this hike is much more fun when you have someone else to blame for the screaming quad muscles. When I visited Yellowstone for the first time with my parents and grandparents, my dad deceived us all into doing the same hike. We complained and berated him the entire way back up to the trail-head. This time I had no one to blame but myself. (The view is totally worth the screaming quad muscles by the way, complaining just provides a distraction from the pain)




brink of lower falls




The North Rim trail was redone last year (2017) and is still being worked on. A couple sections of it had just opened up shortly before I arrived. I opted to do a mixture of hiking and driving to see all the viewpoints along the North Rim in order to avoid backtracking as much as possible. I really enjoyed the renovations the park made at the viewpoints and along the trail. It looks very nice.


lookout point, I think




I hiked from Grand Point to Inspiration Point not realizing that I would be walking in the forest for the majority of the hike. I had done a really good job of avoiding possible bear populated areas up until this point of the trip. I try to air on the side of caution when it comes to large unpredictable animals with sharp teeth and claws, especially when alone. I had my bear spray with me even though the odds of me managing to spray a bear and not myself are very slim. I had been listening to JOHNNYSWIM’s Diamonds album on repeat this road-trip, so I played that on my phone and walked as loudly as I could. I only saw two people along the 2+ mile hike and no bears!

new inspiration point viewing platform




I’m looking forward to hiking/driving the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone when it is done being updated!


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