Yellowstone NP: Mammoth Hot Springs Area

Mammoth Hot Springs Area is in the Northwest section of Yellowstone National Park. It was my first stop on my third visit to Yellowstone in September 2018. This trip instead of coming into the park from the south or east I was coming in from the north from Helena Montana. I had spent Thursday afternoon thru early Sunday morning with my Aunt and Uncle .

Upon arriving it took some adjusting (*cough* a LOT of adjusting) to the large crowds of people in the park. I had unfortunately managed to overlap my visit with Labor Day weekend. I’d seen Yellowstone busy before, but not this busy. It was overwhelming.

I quickly found a parking spot near the lower Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace. I walked the lower terrace and the part of the upper terrace that is accessible via walking.




minerva terrace







After walking the terrace I decided to leave the truck where it was parked and walk to the Albright Visitor Center to stamp my passport and pick up post cards and the YNP Junior Ranger booklet.

albright visitor center

I also did the self guided tour of Fort Yellowstone, which was really interesting. Before there were Park Rangers, the Army protected Yellowstone from poachers in its early days as a National Park. Fort Yellowstone was where the soldiers lived while stationed in the park. Many of the buildings still remain and are used by the park employees for housing, offices, etc. The Albright Visitor Center was originally used to house single Army officers.





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