Shoshone Falls Park

Originally, I thought I would drive from Great Basin National Park, Nevada to Craters of the Moon National Monument (CMNM) in Idaho. However, I ended up doing an early morning tour of Lehman Cave and decided to drive to Twin Falls, Idaho and spend the night in a hotel (Yay Shower!) and then continue on to CMNM early the next morning.

Turned out this was a very good idea for multiple reasons. The first being, this turned out to be the day that my funky sleeping pattern hit me like a bag of bricks dropping on my head. By this point, four days into my trip, I was working off about half of the amount of sleep that I normally would have gotten. To compensate for the lack of sleep I had to eat twice the amount of food that I normally do (and I normally eat a lot). I don’t know why compensating for sleep with food helps, but it does.

The drive from Great Basin NP to Twin Falls is pretty, but I spent the last 30-45 minutes of my time in Nevada going, “Am I in Idaho yet?”, “Did I miss the sign?”, “That would really suck if I missed the sign. I’ve never been to Idaho before.”, “I want a picture of the sign.”, “HEY! THERE’S THE SIGN!!!”

I was really excited if you cant tell from the picture

By far my favorite state sign! I really like Colorado’s sign, but that’s mostly because it means I’m not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

My visit must’ve coincided with some event at the college in Twin Falls or a conference, or maybe hotels are just always expensive there. I ended up getting a room for half off because the hotel was under renovation and the pool was closed. The room I got had already been remodeled, was basically brand new and the shower was amazing!

After my first full nights sleep of the trip, I was finally able to think straight again. My dad had mentioned the night before that I should be close to Shoshone Falls, but there’s a town called Shoshone like an hour north of Twin Falls and I had assumed that Shoshone Falls would be in Shoshone – this is how my brain works on no sleep. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I re-looked it up. My hotel was a 7 minute drive from Shoshone Falls Park.


The sun was just starting to rise as I drove to the Park. There’s normally an entrance fee, but no one was manning the entrance station so I just followed another car into the park. The drive down into the park is breathtaking. I loved every second of it.




I started off by parking and walking above the falls via the road (it is illegal to climb up on the rocks above the falls). Turns out I could’ve just drove down the road as there was a parking lot, but I didn’t realize that at the time. From the edge of the parking lot there was a pretty view of Snake River above the falls with the sunrise lighting up the canyon walls.





I then drove down to the observation platform parking lot for the full view of the falls. It turns out that I did not visit during peak water flow time, but I was blown away by the force and amount of water coming over the falls. Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the US. It is 900 feet wide with a 212 foot drop.

The city of Twin Falls is working to connect Shoshone Falls Park to the Visitor Center and Perrine Bridge via hiking or multi use paths. I would love to go back and walk the finished trail.

Perrine Bridge



After taking a ton of photos, I drove to the Visitor Center. I had time to kill before it opened so I walked along the multipurpose path at Perrine Bridge. Perrine Bridge is a popular spot for people who love heights and extreme sports. A man base jumped off the bridge while I was there. It was both terrifying and thrilling to watch.

I am so glad that I made this unplanned side trip. Sometimes the spur of the moment choices are the best.