Potato Creek State Park

I’m another state park closer to having hiked at all 24 Indiana State Parks! Only 10 more to go! On my way to Michigan this past weekend, I stopped at Potato Creek State Park. It’s not too far off US Hwy-31. I wish I’d had more time to hike and explore because the park is very pretty. There’s prairies, wetlands, and forest. There are six hiking trails, three bridal trails, and a mountain biking trail. There is also a paved bike path that I would love to check out sometime.



I hiked Trail 3. It is a short hike along Worster Lake and Potato Creek. Pulling into the parking lot I saw two wild turkeys! There is plenty of parking areas and grassy areas with picnic tables. I hiked the trail counter clockwise.


Potato Creek



My favorite parts of the trail were the raised boardwalk because it felt like I was walking through the trees and the observation boardwalk at Worster Lake. As I was finishing the trail I saw two turkeys but I don’t know if they were the same two turkeys I saw pulling into the parking lot or different ones.


Worster Lake

After hiking, I drove around the lake to the Campground Store to buy postcards and patch. On my way I saw a young deer! I greatly enjoyed seeing the wildlife. At most of the state parks I have never been fortunate enough to see much wildlife other than birds so it was a real treat seeing two turkeys and a deer!

I definitely recommend visiting Potato Creek State Park if you’re ever in the area!