Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

Long story short: I’M A JUNIOR RANGER AT LINCOLN BOYHOOD NATIONAL MEMORIAL!!!!!  I’m not excited or anything… 😀

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is very history based, so I thought the best way to learn about the memorial was to do the Junior Ranger Activity book. In order to become a Junior Ranger you have to fill out the number of pages in relation to how old you are. If you’re over the age of eleven (*hand raises*) you have to do all the pages. There’s a crossword, word search, code, drawing, and more.

my stick figure parents and dog “sister” gained some chuckles from the park rangers

I watched the 15 minute Park Orientation Film about President Lincoln’s time in Indiana. Then I walked from the Memorial Visitor Center and Museum to the flag pole. It is the tallest flagpole in the National Park Service!


I stopped at President Lincoln’s mother’s grave site. Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of “milk sickness” when Lincoln was 9 years old.


Then I walked the Lincoln Boyhood Trail to the Living Historical Farm and Cabin Site Memorial. The cabin foundation replica is on the site of what is thought to be the third Lincoln cabin.


The Historical Farm has park employees working as reactors. One of the park employees broke character when she saw my Gilmore Girls hat and had to share her love of the show! There is a cabin, carpentry shop, and sheep! I enjoyed watching the sheep trim the grass.


After exploring the farm I walked back to the Memorial Visitor Center via the Trail of 12 Stones. There are 12 stones along the trail that are from significant moments in President Lincoln’s life, including a stone from his birthplace in Kentucky, and a piece of the White House in Washington DC.

Once I completed m activity book, I took the Junior Ranger Pledge and received my Junior Ranger Pin!! Becoming a Junior Ranger is a great way to learn more about the National Parks. I will definitely be adding it to the list of things I must do when I visit a new National Park!