Dear Bob and Sue by Matt and Karen Smith

Dear Bob and Sue is definitely one of my favorite books this year! Matt and Karen quit their jobs and spent 2010-2012 visiting all 59 National Park’s in the United States. They found that the easiest way to chronicle their travels was to write emails to their friends Bob and Sue about their adventures, which are published in this book. Not only is this book highly entertaining, but it is also informative. Early on in the book Karen describes the excitement she feels every time they pass a brown sign on the highway – the point of interest signs – and I can totally relate to that because I get excited seeing those too. Karen and Matt’s relationship is one of love, compassion, sarcasm, and teasing. I laughed out loud multiple times while listening to this book (I downloaded the Audiobook version to listen to on my various road trips in April and May) I highly highly recommend reading (or listening to) this book. You will love it!

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