Whitewater Memorial State Park

This past Saturday I needed to go to Cincinnati, Ohio but wanted to get some hiking in on the way. I settled on Whitewater Memorial State Park as it is located near the Ohio border only 30 minutes out of my way.

One of my goals for 2018 is to visit every state park in Indiana. I had never been to Whitewater Memorial  before so I was excited to explore it!


The first trail I hiked was Trail 15: Lakeshore. It is a 2.7 out-and-back trail. This was the first real hike I’d done since everything got really green and all the brush started growing back in.


While I am very happy to see the sun, I could do without the overgrown trails and flowery branches smacking me in the face. And the bugs. Jeez, have the bugs come back with a vengeance! I had flashbacks of hiking at Clifty Falls State Park last summer.

stairs to the deck that marks the end of the trail
view from the deck

I think it would be more scenic to hike Trail 15 in the fall / winter when there is less greenery and the views of Whitewater Lake would be better.

The second trail that I hiked was Trail 14: Red Springs Loop. It is a 1.2 mile loop trail that is well taken care of and had fewer overgrown sections than Trail 15.




The park map lists the trail as Rugged – I think this is only because there is one steep incline as the rest of the trail is pretty easy. The loop takes you into the Red Springs State Nature Preserve, the main attraction being the Red Springs.

Red Springs

According to a sign at the deck constructed by Boy Scout Troop 40 overlooking the spring, the Red Springs is a circumneutral seep spring…not sure what that means. What I did find interesting is that the spring gets its red coloring from the iron and minerals that naturally occur in the water. I would describe the water’s color as rusty so it makes sense that there is iron in it.

I would like to return to Whitewater Memorial Park to hike Trail 16: Veterans Vista and to rent a paddle boat to explore more of Whitewater Lake.