Anderson Falls Preserve

Anderson Falls is a state nature preserve east of Columbus, Indiana. It was originally part of the Nature Conservancy, but management was handed over to Bartholomew County Parks Department in 1979. It features a pretty waterfall and short hiking trails that are not well marked and overgrown in places. It is possible to walk a ways along the one bank  of the creek, but in order to get to the “trails” you have to cross above the falls, which can only be safely done when the creek is low and the current slow.


The first time I went to Anderson Falls was with my dad a few years ago and like most adventures with my dad it involved quite a bit of trail-blazing, though this time it was more out of necessity than choice. The area is very pretty and I was hoping that we just caught the preserve at a bad time – in between trail maintenance.

Porsche and I went in October of 2016 to try hiking the trails again, but the water was higher and I was worried about crossing the creek with her riding in my backpack so we opted for pumpkin shopping insead.


Kelsey and I decided to go after work on Thursday (May 2018) and enjoy the sunshine. We wandered down one bank trying to find a good place to cross.


I had my sunglasses sitting on top of my hat and at one point I sneezed sending my sunglasses flying into a pool of water….figures.


Kelsey was the smart one, she had her Keens on, I however, had my hiking boots on and no matter how hard I tried, there was still water coming over the tops of them. I can’t complain though, the cold water felt good with it being over 80 degrees (Indiana decided to skip from winter to summer in the course of one weekend this year).

Once we crossed over to the other bank there were more pools of water, but these were filled with tiny tadpoles swimming around.


We followed the trail along the other bank until it disappeared into the brush and we got tired of trying to find it again.




I was surprised by how many people were at Anderson Falls while we were there, at least six or seven came and went.

Anderson Falls is located just off of a country road. On one side of the road is a decent sized parking lot, probably fits 5-8 cars depending on how nicely everyone parks. There is also a pit toilet (I was too chicken to see whether it was well kept or not). Across the road from the parking lot is Anderson Falls. There is an overlook area from which you can see the falls as well as a trail “map”.


If you’re ever in the area, I recommend stopping to see the falls, but I personally don’t feel it’s worth making a special trip for it.