Trevlac Bluffs Nature Preserve

Trevlac Bluffs is an Indiana State Nature Preserve located in Brown County (near Nashville, Indiana). It has a rare stand of Hemlock Trees (they are normally found further north) and is named for the 200 foot bluff overlooking Beanblossom Creek.



There are two trails on the preserve. The Yellowwood Trail is 2.6 miles round-trip and takes you to the bluff overlook. The Bottomland Trail is 0.7 miles round-trip and takes you to Beanblossom Creek below the bluff. Both trail-heads have limited parking (1-2 spots).


I hiked the Yellowwood Trail. It was very pretty and I greatly enjoyed the view from the bluff. However, the trail crosses private property in a couple places, which I found weird and a little disconcerting because I was hiking alone.


I would like to go back and do the Bottomland Trail sometime. It does not appear to cross private land and it would be cool to see the bluff from another perspective.