Moraine Hills State Park

The same weekend that Lizzie and I visited Volo Bog State Natural Area, we also visited Moraine Hills State Park. It is characterized by a 48-acre lake and hills that were created by receding glaciers 15,500 years ago.



We hiked the 3.7 mile Lake Defiance Trail. Half the lake is surrounded by trees. It was so windy that day that at one point our hike turned more into a sprint because the trees were freaking us out with their swaying and cracking. You know that saying you don’t have to run faster than the [insert wild animal here], you just have to run faster than the slowest person? Yeah…I’m the slowest person.




The other half of the trail crosses a bog next to the lake via a boardwalk. This part of the trail was so beautiful that we didn’t even mind getting pelted with 1/4 inch hail. There are benches on the board walk that would’ve made for great places to rest and eat a snack, if we hadn’t started shivering the second we stopped moving (this was pre-merino wool base layers).


We also hiked about  a mile of the Leatherleaf Bog Trail before it started lightning in the not so far off distance making us run for the truck. I would like to go back and hike the rest of the trail some day and it’d be great if mother nature could hold off on raining, hailing, snowing, 20+ mile/hour wind, or 20 degrees.