52 Hike Challenge Adventure Series (2018)

I enjoyed doing the 52 Hike Challenge last year (2017) so much that I wanted to do the Adventure Series version this year (2018).

The Adventure Series is just like the original 52 Hike Challenge, but it has some objectives. They are:

  • 5 Waterfalls
  • 1 Forest
  • 1 National Park, Monument, Preserve, Recreation Area, or Historic Trail
  • 2 Lakes, Rivers, or Ocean
  • 1 Stewardship Hike (picking up trash or volunteer with a restoration project)
  • 1 Group Hike
  • 1 Introduce someone new to hiking
  • 1 Sunset or Sunrise Hike
  • 1 Hike from your Bucket List
  • 3 Reflection Hikes

I normally pick trails based on how far I feel like driving / where we are vacationing, but this challenge will really push me to be more thoughtful about my hikes. It is also going to be a challenge to find someone I can introduce to hiking – I think I’ve dragged just about everyone I know on a hike at one time or another. I’m hoping for my group hike, that I can attend either a Mountain Chicks or Indianapolis Hikers Club hike.

If you’d like to join the 52 Hike Challenge click here! It’s free to join.


Hike 1: McCormick’s Creek State Park Trails 5 and 4 – Bucket List Hike

Hike 2: Brown County State Park The Lake that Never Was Hike – Group Hike

Hike 3: Turkey Run State Park Trail 1, 2 (partial), and 4 (partial) – Waterfall Hike

Hike 4: Brown County State Park Trail 7 – Lake Hike

Hike 5: McCormick’s Creek State Park Trails 2, Q, 1, and 3 – Reflection Hike

Hike 6: Yellowwood State Forest Jackson Creek Trail – Forest Hike

Hike 7: McCormick’s Creek State Park Trail 9

Hike 8: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Andrew’s Bald Trail – National Park

Hike 9: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Cowles Bog & Mount Baldy  – Bucket List

Hike 10: Rock Cut State Park Pierce Lake Trail – Lake Hike

Hike 11: Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill North Loop

Hike 12: Anderson Falls Preserve – Waterfall Hike

Hike 13: Whitewater Memorial State Park Trails 15 and 14 – Lake Hike

Hike 14: Shawnee National Forest Garden of the Gods & Indian Point Trail – Bucket List

Hike 15: Shawnee National Forest Rim Rock Recreational Trail – Forest Hike

Hike 16: Giant City State Park Trillium Trail – Group Hike

Hike 17: Shawnee National Forest Little Grand Canyon – Bucket List

Hike 18: Harmonie State Park Trail 5

Hike 19: Shades State Park Trail 2 – Group Hike

Hike 20: Muscatatuck NWR Chestnut Ridge, Wood Duck & Hunt-Richart Lake Trail

Hike 21: T.C. Steele State Historic Site Trails 1-4 – Stewardship Hike