Backpacking with the Saints by Belden C. Lane

“Entering the disarming silence of wilderness, neglected things rise to consciousness. Backpacking has as much to do with what I carry inside as with what goes into the pack.”

I really enjoyed reading Backpacking with the Saints: Wilderness Hiking as a Spiritual Practice. The author, Belden C. Lane uses hiking as a metaphor for his spiritual journey, drawing on backpacking trips that have helped him come to terms spiritually with big life changes. I like how he always packs a theological book on his hikes and how when read in the wild, the text takes on a whole new meaning. Backpacking with the Saints has added to my “To be Read” list, as I now want to read, in their entirety, some of the books Belden references.

If you’d like to broaden the way you approach hiking, I would recommend reading this book. In my opinion everyone, no matter their spiritual background, would find this book relateable.