Marengo Cave National Natural Landmark

Marengo Cave National Natural Landmark in southern Indiana was a great first experience with caves. Jess, Tanna, and I spent time in July 2016, hanging out and learning about stalagmites and stalactites on the Dripstone Trail Tour. I really enjoyed learning from our guide about the different rock formations and how they are created. We even got to experience total darkness – the guide turned the lights off midway through the tour.

marengo cave 2
stalactites form from the ceiling of caves

marengo cave 3

Marengo Cave has an interesting history, which we also learned about during the tour. Blanche and Orris Hiestand were 15 and 11 years-old when they discovered the cave by candlelight in 1883. Many people have been married in the cave and during the 1920s a preacher gave sermons in the cave. In 1985, two years after celebrating the cave’s centennial, it was designated a National Natural Landmark. While the cave is privately owned, it is monitored and protected by the National Park Service.

marengo cave 4

The Dripstone Trail Tour is an hour long and covers a mile underground. The second cave tour option is the Crystal Palace Tour, it is a 40 minute tour to another area of the cave. The two tours do not overlap in route. They can be combined and done at a reduced tour rate, if you choose.

marengo cave 6
stalagmites form from the ground up in a cave