Presque Isle State Park

On our way back from New York, Jess and I spent the night in Erie, Pennsylvania. After one National Park, two State Parks, a college tour, and a lot of sightseeing by car; we still didn’t think our road-trip was complete. So off we went to explore another State Park.

presque isle light house 2
Presque Isle Lighthouse was firt lit in 1873 and is still maintained by the Coast Guard. It is 74 feet tall.

Presque Isle State Park is on a peninsula that stretches into Lake Erie. There are beaches, a lighthouse, interpretive center, fishing pier, boating, marina, and food concessions. We were running low on daylight, so instead of hiking, Jess and I parked by the lighthouse and ate a pre-dinner dinner on a picnic table on the beach. Like I’ve said before, we eat A LOT.

presque isle state park

While the peninsula is not very long, the park road speed limit is like 10 MPH and it took forever to get to the lighthouse (we’d also been in the car for about 4 hours for the fifth day in a row – so it may have just seemed like it took forever when really we were just sick of the car).

I had never been to Lake Erie, so it was fun to check off another one of the Great Lakes.

presque isle state park 4

presque isle state park 3