Taughannock Falls State Park

When Jess and I went to visit her sister in New York, the three of us decided we wanted to explore the Finger Lakes Region. First stop of course was Watkins Glen State Park. From there we stopped in the town of Watkins Glen and sought advice from the Visitor Center on where to wander to next. We spent the next ten minutes learning how to say the word Taughannock, and no, I still cannot pronounce it properly. So not being able to pronounce where we were headed to, we were left trying to spell it correctly so the Nav could tell us how to get there.

Taughannock Falls State Park is on the south-west side of Cayuga Lake. The park’s namesake, Taughannock Falls, cascade 215 feet to the bottom of the gorge.

taughannock falls overlook
view of Taughannock Falls from the overlook

taughannock falls overlook 2

We started off at the Falls Overlook and then took the easy way, driving Taughannock Park Road, instead of hiking the North Rim Trail down into the gorge.

taughannock falls trail

taughannock falls trail 2

taughannock falls trail 4

The Gorge Trail is a short 3/4 mile trail leading to the base of the falls. It is wide and mostly paved, which means there were a ton of people there enjoying the unusually warm weather on a Saturday in April. Even so, I highly enjoyed the walk.

taughannock falls trail 5

taughannock falls sign

Taughannock Gorge is beautiful with its three different kinds of shale. I liked the dark color of the Geneseo Shale the best.

taughannock falls trail 6

taughannock falls trail 8

Taughannock Falls State Park is definitely worth a visit, if you are ever in the area.