Mammoth Cave NP: Domes & Dripstones Tour

*Apologies, my cave photography skills are not that great. I hope you enjoy the post anyways 🙂

When Jess and I visited Mammoth Cave National Park in January (2017) we did the Domes & Dripstones Tour. I am surprised that I like caves because of how much I crave sunshine, but this was my second cave experience and I found it fascinating – there’s a whole other world underground!

mammoth cave 2

This tour may not be for everyone; while it is only 3/4 of a mile long, it involves descending 280 steps down into the cave right off the bat with another 220 steps later on for a combined total of 500 steps.

Besides the physical exertion of the steps, I would not recommend this tour to people with a fear of heights. You can look down from the top of the 280 steps for a very long ways so that view combined with the fact that you are sandwiched in the middle of a tour group…it may not turn out happily. (Mammoth Cave NP offers a lot of tour options, including a handicap accessible option – so not to fear, there is something for everyone!)

mammoth cave

Jess and I had visited Marengo Cave in Southern Indiana the year before with another friend of ours so we knew to be sure and wear hiking boots, raincoats, and hats. The cave was very wet and we were constantly getting dripped on during the tour – so we were very happy to have raincoats and hats on.

mammoth cave 3

Frozen Niagara