Cuyahoga Valley NP: Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is my favorite hike to a waterfall in the National Park. It is very beautiful. The autumn afternoon sun made the leaves on the trees appear as if they were glowing and the sound of the waterfall lulled me into a peaceful mindset. It was the perfect note to end on, on Shawn and I’s day-trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


The trail is similar to Brandywine Falls, with boardwalks and stairs leading to the overlook.

bridal veil trail 2





Bridal Veil Falls does not have a physical address. It is located on Gorge Parkway in between Dunham Road and Egbert Road. The trail-head is on the opposite side of Gorge Parkway from the parking lot.


4 thoughts on “Cuyahoga Valley NP: Bridal Veil Falls

  1. I keep hearing mixed comments about CV NP. Some say it’s wonderful; some don’t think it’s on the national park scale. What’s your point of view on this?

    These pictures look beautiful though!


    1. It is definitely a unique national park due to it’s location and I can see how some may think it’s not up to par with the likes of Glacier, Yellowstone, Arches, but I think the area is definitely worth protecting just based on the diverse wildlife, let alone the geological and historical aspects. The area was abused for many decades and once conservationists started cleaning it up (like I mentioned in the Beaver Marsh post) the animals started to return. I think it’s awesome for the kids growing up near the park to be able to see in “their own backyard” why protecting the environment is so important. Yes, it may not take your breath away like other national parks, but it will still teach you something new.

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