Medora, North Dakota is a fun little “Wild West” town that has an interesting history; though what “Wild West” town doesn’t?

Marquis de Mores, a French aristocrat turned rancher, bought land on the west side of the Little Missouri River and began fencing it off. The other ranchers did not like this because before the fence they would let their herds of cattle roam. Long story short, the Marquis moved and bought land on the east side of the river and started his own town, naming it Medora after his wife. The Marquis meat packing plant business venture failed and he moved back to France in 1887. Ironically though, the town of Medora survives to this day while the town on the west side of the river no longer exists.

home of Marquis de Mores in-laws
veterans memorial
Billings County Veterans Memorial
weather station
Medora Weather Station

Two big tourist attractions in Medora are the Medora Musical and the Pitchfork Fondue. The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is also located in Medora just outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit entrance. There are also a bunch of little shops selling all sorts of things to tourists.

badlands pizza.png

There’s also some good food in Medora too.

maltese burger.png

We really enjoyed our BBQ Chicken Pizza at the Badlands Pizza and Saloon and our burgers from Maltese Burger.


While visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park in August 2017, Shawn and I stayed at the Amble Inn, which is located behind Western Edge Books and is owned by the same couple. You know me, I couldn’t pass up staying at a hotel behind a bookstore 🙂 The Amble Inn is awesome! Out of all the places we stayed on our two week road-trip The Amble Inn was by far the best; added bonus: it was the least expensive too! The rooms are very nice and our bathroom was huge. We loved the hospitality of the owners, Mary and Doug, are very nice. It was my birthday while we were there and they let my mom ship a cookie basket to the bookstore and then they delivered it to me.

North Dakota Bucket List:

  • Sully Creek State Park
  • White Butte – highest point in the state at 3,506 feet
  • Dakota Dinosaur Museum – houses 11 full-scale dinosaurs