Glacier NP: St. Mary

St. Mary Falls is beautiful. The trail takes you through a forest that is going through regeneration after a fire. Because the limbs burned off the trees, there are great views of St. Mary Lake and of Little Chief and Dusty Star Mountains.

It is 1.2 miles to St. Mary Falls and another .5 miles on to Virginia Falls.

This was a nice first hike at Glacier National Park. The parking lot at the trail-head was full when we got there mid-afternoon, so we parked  at the next parking lot and walked along the Going-to-the-Sun Road to the trail-head.

The wind was blowing smoke from the forest fires west of the park towards St Mary so it was hazy, but not as bad as it was at other times during the trip.

We hiked to St. Mary Fall and enjoyed the view. Then stopped on the way to Virginia Falls to eat a snack and enjoy the sound of the water moving.



st mary lake 3.png
St. Mary Lake



St. Mary Fall


St. Mary River
St. Mary Fall
I had never seen water this clear before




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