Yellowstone NP: Mud Volcano

My second day in Yellowstone, I woke up early and headed towards Mount Washburn. However, I got distracted by a park sign that said Mud Volcano. So my dreams of summiting Mount Washburn got postponed for an hour.

I really like the Mud Volcano area. It is completely different from the Upper Geyser Basin’s hydro-thermal features. At the start of the boardwalks there are Trail Guides talking about the area that are available for a $1 donation.

mud volcano

dragon mouth hot spring
Dragon’s Mouth Spring
mud volcano
Mud Volcano

When explorers first came to Yellowstone the Mud Volcano was a 30 foot tall cone that erupted mud. Scientists believe that an explosion happened and destroyed the side of the cone. Only the crater remains today.

grizzly fumarole
Grizzly Fumarole

Fumaroles vent steam and are the hottest surface features in Yellowstone.



sour lake
Sour Lake

Sour Lake’s color is due to microorganisms that eat sulfur.

churning caldron
Churning Caldron

In 1971, Churning Caldron was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It now has an average temperature of 164 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking Hillside
mud geyser
Mud Geyser

In 1870, Mud Geyser would shoot muddy water 50 feet high on a regular basis.

I highly recommend stopping and checking it out if you visit Yellowstone National Park.