Grand Teton NP: Colter Bay Village

I was impressed with how Colter Bay Village at Grand Teton National Park is laid out. There’s a convenience store with a few gas pumps at the main entrance, a campground,  RV park, cabins, tent cabin village, horse corral, general store, activities booth, launderette, 2 restaurants, visitor center, marina, and a beach for swimming.

I staid at the tent cabin village. It was a unique experience. The tent cabins have two log walls, two canvas walls, and a canvas roof. There are 4 bunk beds attached to the log walls and for an extra fee you can rent two cots to put in the tent cabin so it sleeps up to six people. There is a wood burning furnace for heat for those who know how to operate it. I am not skilled in the starting or tending of fires so I left it alone. The canvas is not flush with the concrete so a Wyoming version of what I believe was a chipmunk came inside to visit and succeeded in scaring me half to death. He at least chose to visit me while the sun was up. No other animals came to visit me during the night…that I know of. The tent cabins are set up much like a campground: you have a parking spot by your tent cabin; there’s a fire ring, picnic table, and bear box for each one, water for cooking and drinking, a dish cleaning station, and communal bathrooms (sans showers). I have to say, it was the cleanest communal bathroom I have ever seen.

The regular log cabins looked like they would also be fun to stay in.

There are pay showers at the Launderette next to the Colter Bay Village General Store.

Launderette and Showers

There is a mailbox for outgoing mail at the Activities Center located in the far side of the General Store.

Colter Bay Village General Store

My second night at Colter Bay Village I got a slice of pizza from Cafe Court and took advantage of their free Wifi. I’m all for not having cell reception in the great outdoors unless I am traveling alone (which I was) or in an emergency. So it was nice being able to iMessage with my mom for a bit.

Jackson Lake is the largest lake in Grand Teton National Park. The Marina at Colter Bay Village offers kayak rentals, boat slips, and group tours via boat. It is also a nice place to sit and watch the sunset. *Note: If bringing your own watercraft, it will have to be inspected at the Wyoming state line and at the national park

marina 2

Colter Bay Visitor Center was built as part of Mission 66 and is one of the few such Visitor Centers that remain. John Colter was a soldier who was attached to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He recieved permission to travel home alone and in 1807 was the first reported white-man to see the Yellowstone region.

Colter Bay Visitor Center

Learn more about Mission 66 here.