Capital Reef National Park

My first and only visit (so far) to Capital Reef National Park was an adventure to say the least.

This was the third National Park that Lizzie and I visited on our way from Phoenix, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois in 2014 and the trip had been going really well. That is until we were leaving the visitor center of Capitol Reef National Park, plotting our next hike / scenic drive. It went rapidly downhill from there for a few hours. Lizzie is prone to migraines and even after reminding her to bring Excedrin she didn’t pack it. Which under normal circumstances, no big deal right? You go to the nearest grocery store, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s that sits on every corner and buy Excedrin. This is true of almost any city, but we weren’t in a city. We were in the middle of Utah. And the middle of Utah means you stop at the gas station to fill up even if you’ve got 1/2 a tank because you don’t know how far it is till the next gas station. We spent what felt like an eternity (probably more like an hour) driving around trying to find somewhere that sold Excedrin. Finally, at the Hollow Mountain Gas Station which is built into the side of a giant rock, we found it!

Post that is actually about Capital Reef National Park to come 🙂

Capitol Reef National Park Bucket List:

  • Scenic Drive
  • Hike Capitol Gorge
  • Hike Hickman Bridge
  • Hike Navajo Knobs
  • and more