Liberty Hill Farm

When we were planning our Acadia National Park trip, we found out that one of the farm-stays Lizzie had been reading about was actually kinda-sorta on our way home! And that is how we ended up at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester, Vermont.

It was an awesome experience! Liberty Hill Farm is a dairy farm / bed and breakfast. Beth and her husband have been opening their home to guests since 1984. It’s fun to learn about their farm and the work they do while you share dinner with them and the other guests. Beth cooks great food! She will even work with dietary restrictions if given a heads up.

We got to roam around the farm and pet the baby cows. The loved the attention and tried to suck / chew on anything within reach – clothes, fingers, arms. You will be covered in slobber within 5 minutes of being around a baby cow, but they’re so cute. How could you resist not being close to them? Lizzie got to bottle feed Puppy, a two year old calf.

The momma cows were not as excited to see us but they did try to carry on conversations with us. Unfortunately, I don’t speak moo so we aren’t quite sure what they were trying to tell us.

We slept great and woke up with the sunrise. As we stepped out the front door we beheld a sight you don’t normally see if you aren’t a farmer. There were two teenage bulls on the loose. We kept our distance, but watched as the circled the farmhouse to the guest parking area. One of the bulls decided the spare tire carrier on a RAV4 made for a nice scratching post for his new horns. It was quite a site!

Definitely recommend staying at Liberty Hill Farm if you’re ever near Rochester, VT!

Farmhouse and one of the barns
Lots of baby cows!
Bottle feeding time!

Baby Cow – also known as a calf to those who don’t speak baby talk to animals aka “The Professionals” of whom I am not
Momma Cow