Utah SR-128

I love road-trips as you’re probably starting to see. I grew up driving with my family between Houston, TX and Indiana /Illinois to visit grandparents and cousins. I actually much prefer the 18 hour drive to the 2 hour flight. I know, I’m an odd duck. But what can I say, I’m a control nut that likes to take her time and see the view.

Utah has some of the best scenic drives in country. I say “some of the best” only because I haven’t driven every road in every state, let alone been to every state (I’m working on it).

SR-128 near I-70

One of my favorite roads in Utah is State Road 128. It spans 44.5 miles between Interstate 70 and US-191 (between Moab and Arches National Park). SR-128 runs along the Colorado River and was designated the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway. It is also part of the National Scenic Byway – the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway.

Shawn and I spent a lot of time on this road on our way to Arches National Park in March (2017). We stopped to get out, explore, and take pictures along the way. I highly recommend pulling over to gawk at the beauty instead of gawking and driving. The road is narrow and curvy and you may end up in the river, which would be bad.

Colorado River

It was nearing 80 degrees, but we could still see mountains with snow on them

There are quite a few little campground areas in between and road and the river that looked perfect. They even had bathrooms! Granted they’re probably pit toilets, but still. I prefer not squatting when I can avoid it. Camping along the Colorado River and SR-128 is now high on our bucket list. I can’t wait to go back!