A Different Type of Road Trip: 28 Miles on a Bicycle

Yesterday was great fun! I partook in the annual Girlfriend Ride which benefits the Love Chapel Food Pantry. Not only does it help a great organization, but you get to do it with a group of awesome women.

This was my second year to do it and with even less preparation than last year. Before yesterday, I’d ridden my bike a whopping total of 8 miles this year. Yes, that’s me. Total lack of training; thinking I can accomplish something. Well I did it, I rode all 28 miles. Of course, for the last 6 miles, I thought I was actually going to die. My quadriceps felt like they’d been stuck in one of those taffy puller machines and were being pulled off my body. It hurt so bad. But if I’d prepared, it wouldn’t have and that is lesson number 1 that I learned yesterday.

Anyways. The ride was gorgeous. We had great weather and rode through the farm fields of Indiana. It is amazing how much more you see when you take your time and go slow. From my bike seat, I noticed in detail wildflowers that are normally a blur of color from the car; how tall the corn actually is – knee high before the Fourth of July; how the clouds moved; and beautiful old barns.

Riding 28 miles on a bike totally changed my perspective. It helped me to slow down. Focus on the present. And that was something I was in desperate need of lately.

I am so grateful for the people who put the event together and the women I rode with for helping me relearn my second lesson of the day: the art of slowing down.

Photo by The Amazing V.G.

I don’t always have time to drive hundreds of miles to find a spot in nature where I can hike for miles and find myself. But I do have time everyday to hop on my bike and see things in a way I never have before, and find myself that way. And that’s what I’ll be doing….well maybe not for a few days. My butt kind of hurts as I sit here writing this. But I will be making an effort to slow down and recenter more often.