Canyonlands National Park – Island in the Sky

There’s something about Utah, migraines, and myself. The first time we went to Capitol Reef National Park, UT, in 2014, Lizzie got a migraine and we spent 3 hours driving around in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere that sold Excedrin. Finally found it at a gas station that was built into the side of a rock. Not kidding.

*If you have ever had a migraine, family has a history of migraines, are traveling with someone who gets migraines – always ALWAYS pack Excedrin! I don’t care if every gas station, grocery store, and pharmacy in your hometown sells it. You may end up somewhere 100 miles from the closest gas station. Trust me. Been there. Done that. Never doing it again.

So when Shawn and I went to Utah March of 2017, I made sure we had Excedrin. Good thing too. Sure enough I woke up the day we were to visit Canyonlands with a migraine. Just my luck.

Our original plan was to drive to Canyonlands, stop at the visitor center, do the Island in the Sky park drive, then take Schafer Trail Road Switchbacks to Potash Road to the highway and then head back to Breckenridge, CO where we were spending the night. The Schaffer Switchbacks to Potash Road is 25.2 miles (3 to 4 hours) of off-roading…needless to say, after waking up with a migraine, we moved on to Plan B.

Plan B: we decided it would be best to just drive the Island in the Sky park road. It is nice and paved and not very bumpy, much nicer to a migraine. While I would’ve been much happier migraineless and off-roading/hiking; the park road is pretty awesome. The scenery is so gorgeous it’s distracting, making it hard to stay between the lines. Visiting in early March, we felt like we had the whole park to ourselves. We passed maybe four other cars. The Visitor Center had just opened for the year two days before we visited.

canoyonlands 5
The view from the Green River Overlook.
canyonlands 2
The blue squiggle near the top right hand corner of the picture is Green River.
canyonlands 6
The snow capped mountains in the distance are Henry Mountain Range. They are 55 miles away from where we were standing.
green river overlook
This awesome sign explained everything we were looking at.

This was as close as we got to the Shafer Trail switchbacks. We will tackle you another trip!