Clifty Falls State Park

aka That Time I Went Screaming Thru Spiderwebs

Okay, so I wasn’t actually screaming, but let me tell you, I was screaming in my head. One important thing to know about me: I HATE spiders. H – A – T – E spiders. To the point that it is shocking that I willingly hike in the Midwest, or as I like to call it: Spider Land.

Spiders are literally everywhere in the woods in Indiana. There’s the teeny tiny ones that make spider webs wherever they freakin feel like it, including between trees across hiking trails. The ones with the big black body’s and small legs hiding on the underside of leaves that like to jump. The see-throughish kind with the long legs that dangle at face level from tree limbs (love those). And the scary ones that are so large that they have shadows.

But I digress. Saturday was National Trails Day! Yay! So I, of course, went hiking. I drove to Clifty Falls State Park and started my day on Trail 8. It was great. I was the first one out on this particular trail, woohoo! Except for one thing. The dreaded spider webs crossing the trail. No one had knocked them down yet. And there were hundreds of them. Maybe even thousands! Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but seriously there were a ton of spider webs.

Now this is where having a hiking partner comes in handy. Plan A: you convince them to hike in front of you so they will get covered in ewe gooey spider webs and you don’t! Sadly though my hiking partner had to work so I was on my own. Plan B: use your trusty trekking poles or hiking stick to knock down the spider webs. Plan B works great, if you don’t forget said trekking poles in the truck. Yup. Rookie mistake. What is Plan C you ask? Plan C is run like hell!

And so that’s what I did. I ran like hell until I almost ran into one of those dangly spiders. Then I shrieked and slammed on the brakes and slowly edged my way around it and then ran like hell again.

But on a serious note, it was a gorgeous day and an awesome hike. And while there were a million spiders too many for my liking, there were beautiful views of valleys, waterfalls, and rock formations.

Hope everyone had a fantastic National Trails Day!

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