Postcard Collection

Ever since I was little I have always collected souvenirs when I traveled. I had a key chain collection, a bell collection, a doll collection, a rock collection, and the list goes on. By the time I hit 20, I had a lot of stuff and not a lot of space so I decided it was time to switch gears and collect something a little more manageable.

In 2014, during my internship in Phoenix, AZ, I started a new collection – postcards. They’re cheap to purchase (usually no more than a dollar), easy to find (typically), and take up very little space.

When I first started collecting them, I bought one for each place I visited and wrote the date that I visited on the back of the card. While this worked, I tended to forget some of the highlights from that day and place (my memory is not that great). So I now write down highlights from that day, along with any funny stories or insights gained and who was with me. I have also started to buy extra postcards to send to family and friends. My collection also includes postcards friends send me from their travels. img_0935-e1496412576716.jpgimg_0930.jpgI enjoy sharing my travels with others and reading about theirs’.

Right now, my postcard collection sits in an awesome box that my friend Jess got for me. Eventually when I have a more permanent living situation I will find a better way to display them, but for now my box system works.

Sometimes when wanderlust hits me hard, I sit down with the box and go thru the postcards. It is a great way to remember past adventures and dream about future ones.