There’s Mountains in Alabama?

Who knew?! Well obviously people who live in Alabama, but not this Indiana girl.

We spent this Memorial Weekend with Shawn’s family in Huntsville, Alabama. It was a fun adventure!

Friday night we ate at a taco truck that was voted the best Mexican food in Huntsville. The tamales were delicious!

Saturday we went to Dog Days Flea Market in southern Tennessee. It was my first ever flea market. There were animals there! (Again, who knew?!) We saw lots of chickens and a few puppies. There were even two little goats!

Sunday we woke up early to go hiking at Monte Sano State Park (located on top of that mountain referred to earlier) and found that it was raining. After hem hawing around for an hour we decided we’d suck it up and go and boy am I glad we did. It stopped raining during our 20 minute drive to Monte Sano and the fog started to lift. While we waited for the office to open we walked through the Japanese Garden. There’s was a beautiful Tea House (Again, who knew?!) among the trees and bamboo. When the office opened, we bought postcards (for me) and a patch (for Shawn’s backpack) and got the park ranger’s advice on what trail to tackle in the short amount of time we had before we needed to be at family breakfast. She suggested the North Plateau Loop Trail. It had great views of the valley below.

After we ate breakfast, we drove to Houston, Alabama and looked at the lake there. It spans four counties! On the way we stopped to look at the second oldest log jail in the country. We also hit a couple more flea markets. Indoor ones this time, so sadly no goats.

Driving home today (Monday) we finally figured out (after listening to him cry for another 2 hours) how to make Niko a happy camper in the car. 

Yup, that’s right. He has to be in the passenger seat. Shawn and I have to swap between driving and sitting in the backseat because our fur-son is spoiled rotten. Wish we’d figured that out back in March when we drove 18 hours to Colorado….oh well. Live and learn. That’s my motto 🙂