#52HikeChallenge 2017 Edition

This year (2017) I decided to participate in the 52 Hike Challenge. The founders, Karla and Phillip, started the challenge after personally experiencing the benefits of hiking once a week for a year. Not only has participating in the challenge helped me mentally and physically this year, but keeping track of my hikes also motivated me to explore new trails.

So far I have completed 24 hikes in 7 different states! Some highlights have been:IMG_0209Arches National Park, IMG_0150.JPGCanyonlands National Park, IMG_9232.JPGMammoth Cave National Park (x2); IMG_0448.JPGCuyahoga Valley National Park;


Watkins Glen State Park;

IMG_9833Radium Hot Spring;


and Starved Rock State Park Mega Hike.

I am excited to see where the other 28 hikes lead! Learn more about the 52 Hike Challenge here.


Update: I completed the challenge on December 10th and loved every minute of it!

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